Share and Repair

Share and repair was started in 2018. It is a non-profit making volunteer-led community work group. We share our skills and repair items to save them from landfill. We repair a wide variety of items… electrical, mechanical, wooden items, clocks, and fabric. Only as a last resort will it be deemed unrepairable. We also sell items that have been kindly donated or sent in for repair but are unwanted. If you have an item that you need us to repair which you intend to continue to use, find out more here. All we ask for is payment of the cost of any parts purchased to complete the repair and a donation for our time to help us keep going! We have a wide range of skills between us which we want to put to good use repairing items but also sharing the skills of how to mend things. Pop in and see us to learn more. We are also happy to talk to people about our work and we are always keen to welcome new members to our team.