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Action Plan

In 2019-2024 the Council’s Strategy will be to work alone, and with others, to enhance and protect facilities and services in Stonehouse

We will take heed of consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan policies and take account of the infrastructure improvement projects identified in the Neighbourhood Plan when considering priority infrastructure projects for funding from developers’ contributions and from other sources.

In addition the Council has the following objectives:

Objective 1: The Council will ensure assets in its care are maintained, fully utilised and add value. 
Objective 2: The Council will endeavour to improve and protect services and facilities which are important to the sustainability of the town.
Objective 3: The Council is committed to playing its part in reducing Global carbon emissions.
Delivery of the Strategy

1. The Council will follow its policies and procedures in the delivery of the Strategy

2. The Council will utilise its resources in terms of people and precept to deliver the strategy. It will ensure that it can adapt to change and challenges by:

  • Ensuring its staff are equipped, and trained to deliver services
  • Ensuring councillors are trained and informed
  • Ensuring that it is financially sustainable and performing well
  • Maintaining the general power of competence
  • Ensuring that its resources are not overstretched
  • Providing grants to local organisations.

3. The Council will act through Terms of Reference which will be reviewed at the Council’s AGM as necessary: