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Information for grant applicants

Stonehouse Town Council will adopt a 2 tier system for assessing and approving grant applications.

Grants under £1000

Grants under £1000 will be considered at any time of the year and a decision is likely to be given within a 2 month period.

Grants over £1,000

Grants over £1,000 will be considered but maybe deferred to the following year.


Who can apply?

As the money that is available for grants is very limited the Council has guidelines which it follows when deciding which applications to approve. These are:

Non-profit making

The organisation applying must be non-profit-making

Stonehouse based

The organisation should be Stonehouse based and provide a useful service to the community

Provide a facility that is used by Stonehouse residents

Be an organisation which is not Stonehouse based, but which can show that it provides a service or facility which is used by a significant number of Stonehouse residents.


What will we not fund?

1. Retrospective funding, 2. Funding for individuals, 3. Funding for political activities, 4. Applications for events exclusively for members for a particular faith group. 5. The grant will not support other public sector bodies i.e. schools, social services, however community and voluntary groups associated with these may apply.

Application process

How do I apply?

A completed Application Form should be returned to the Town Council Office (see contact details at the bottom of this page).

To support your application you should enclose a copy of the audited accounts of your organisation for the last financial year and a recent bank statement dated within 3 months OR if a new group, a full financial plan for the year.

Note: Cheques will only be made payable to the Organisation named not private individuals. Grants should be spent within the financial year for the purpose for which they are given. All recipients will be required to provide a written and possibly verbal report to the Council on how the funds were spent. Grant aid in any one year does not set a precedent for funding in subsequent years. Applications must identify how the project will impact on the environment.

Grant Application

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