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How it works

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How it works

All meetings take place at the Town Hall every 4 weeks and the dates are on the Calendar on the homepage. The agendas and minutes are also published on the website.

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Full Town Council Meetings

Full Town Council – all town councillors attend this meeting.
Remit: Adopts a Code of Conduct, appoints Committees, Adopts Policies & Procedures & Terms of Reference & Standing Orders, Co-opts Councillors, Appoints an Independent Internal Auditor, Appoints a Responsible Financial Officer, Authorises Expenditure from Reserves, Agrees an Annual Budget & Precept, Debates Matters of Public Interest, Confirms Eligibility of General Power of Competence, Approves the stages of the Neighbourhood Plan, Approves the Year End Accounts, makes Statement of Assurances, Makes resolutions to govern the work of the Council, Acts as Data Controller, Authorises special payments & contracts as required under Financial Regulations, Considers any legal matters including legal disputes, acquisitions and disposals of Fixed Assets,  Authorises Expenditure of S106, To ensure that the council is adequately insured, To approve subscriptions.

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Stonehouse Town Council Committees

Stonehouse Town Council has two committees – Town Business Committee and the Town Environment Committee.

The Town Business Committee
Councillors Binns, Davis, Gibbs, Kambites, Parker, Pickering, Swain, Watt, Thorpe

Remit: Insurance, budgeting, grants, accounting, risk assessments, Council Strategy, communications and community engagement, policies, upkeep and improvement of council premises and playing fields including Rest Garden, four recreation grounds, four play equipment areas, grass and hedge cutting, grass cutting equipment, youth services, staffing.

The Town Environment Committee
Councillors Curtis, Gibbs, Kambites, Jackson, Parsons, Smith

Committee Remit: Street furniture, Town Greens, seasonal displays, annual events, planning consultations including planning applications and strategic plans, traffic and transport, regeneration and environment issues, Neighbourhood Plan.

Human Resources Sub committee (reports to Town Business Committee)
Councillors Gibbs, Kambites, Jackson, Parsons

Sub Committee Remit: wellbeing, support and development of all the Council’s people including councillors, paid staff and any volunteers; employment matters (including relating to contracts, Terms and Conditions, Job Descriptions and recruitment) of paid staff;  ensuring it has sufficient level of Human Resources expertise.

Working Groups
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Working Groups reporting to Town Business Committee
Business Networking: Councillors Kambites, Parsons (Current Lead), Thorpe, Watt.
Climate Change Action Group: Councillors Kambites, Parker (Chair), Pickering, Smith
Communications: Councillors Binns, Curtis, Kambites, Smith
Policy:  Councillors Kambites, Swain and Watt
Recreation: Councillors Binns, Curtis, Gibbs, Swain
Youth: Councillors Binns, Smith, Swain, Watt
Canal rejuvenation working group: Councillors Curtis, Gibbs , Smith (Chair), Parker, Watt; Marcus Dixon (SHiPs Inn site representative), Hannah McDonnell (Cotswold Canals Connect)

Working Group reporting to Town Environment Committee
Stroudwater Bristol Road Station: Councillors Gibbs, Kambites, Watt, Robert Crockford (Rail Future)
Events: Councillors Binns, Davis, Kambites, Swain, Watt
High Street Working Group: Councillors Davis, Kambites, Watt,
Transport & Highways: Councillors Parker, Smith, Parsons, Watt