Participants from five continents joined the Stonehouse Community Climate Action Forum (SCCAF) community conversation last weekend. 

The webinar was organised by SCCAF to inform local residents and the wider audience about what has been happening locally to combat climate change in the town over the last 12 months.

There were 41 viewers from eight countries – the United Kingdom, United States, Colombia, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Papua. They heard presentations about:

  • the measures being taken by Stroud District Council to become carbon neutral by 2030
  • the town council’s campaign for the reinstatement of the train station on the Bristol Road
  • tips on how to make homes more energy efficient
  • the work of the local Eco Church
  • the Stonehouse Community Arboretum
  • the environmental focus of Stroud Youth Council

The webinar ended with a lively Q and A session on subjects including electric bikes, planning permission for PV panels and eco-churches joining together across the world.

Councillor John Parker, Chair of SCCAF, said: “There is so much great work being done in Stonehouse to tackle the climate crisis, and this event was a wonderful way to showcase the achievements of our community. The climate emergency is a global problem, so it was particularly good to see such strong interest and positive discussion from all over the world at the event.”


One viewer, Simon Edwards from TiCL, wrote to the audience: “Hi all, from London. I hope you realise what an inspiration Stonehouse is. Active community involvement, tackling local problems and tree planting with projects like the Stonehouse Community Arboretum is a model for the world.”


A recording of the webinar is here