Stonehouse Town Council has launched a public consultation asking for feedback and input into the proposed new Stonehouse Community Arboretum Management Plan (SCAMP), a tree and woodland strategy for Stonehouse. You can download the full document and a summary document below, and we are asking for your comments about any and all aspects of the plan.

Stonehouse Community Arboretum Management Plan (SCAMP) – Full document

Stonehouse Community Arboretum Management Plan (SCAMP) – Summary document

Each paragraph of the SCAMP is numbered for convenience, and we would ask that – should you want to comment on a specific section – you state in your response email which paragraph it is that you are referring to.

Please note that the final version will be professionally designed and illustrated with photographs and graphs/tables etc., and will feature a glossary, references and appendices which will include elements such as the legislative and policy framework and a detailed assessment of the benefits of trees. It is hoped that the final SCAMP will be adopted by Stonehouse Town Council and published in Autumn 2021.

The deadline for consultation responses is 1200 (midday) on Monday, July 19th. To submit your consultation comments or to ask any other questions about these proposals, please contact us via email at