The Town Council has reduced its carbon footprint by a whopping 85% in the last 12 months.

As part of our commitment to Stroud District Council’s aim to become carbon neutral by 2030, we have looked at our energy use across all of our buildings and fuel use in our vehicles and equipment.

The baseline carbon footprint was 13,256 kgCO2e and is now 2401 kgCO2e.

This was mainly achieved by switching electricity contracts for our 3 buildings to a 100% renewable electricity supplier.  We already have PV panels on the Town Hall roof and a commitment to fit them and other energy saving measures to any future town council building projects.

Various measures were implemented by the county council while refurbishing the Town Hall building and a new Energy Report gave a rating of C(52) which is a great improvement on the previous one. Fluorescent tube lighting is being replaced by LED lighting as and when replacement tubes are needed and the building’s heating controls have been re-set to be more efficient and effective. The town council is looking to carry out a survey of what cavity-wall insulation exists and what can be added.