The District Council is in the process of reviewing the current Stroud District Local Plan. The first stage was an Issues and Options public consultation, which took place during autumn 2017. Public consultation on the Emerging Strategy ran from 16th November 2018 until 18th January 2019.

Draft Local Plan

The District Council has approved a Draft Local Plan for the purposes of public consultation, which will run from 20th November 2019 to 22nd January 2020.  There is a copy of the Draft Local Plan in the Stonehouse Town Council office, 14 High Street, and at Stroud District Council offices, Ebley Mill. You can view the document on line at:

Public Exhibitions: Stroud District Council are holding the following public exhibitions around the District during the consultation period, see link above for details. This will provide an opportunity to chat to officers working on the Local Plan review. There is one in Stonehouse, Wednesday 4 December at Stonehouse Pavilion, Oldends Lane, 2pm to 6pm.

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