Stroudwater Station would be on on the existing Bristol to Birmingham line giving 55,000 residents in the Stroud Valleys a fast, green, direct route to Bristol and beyond for work, education and leisure. It would:

• reduce carbon emissions
• offer an alternative to the M5 from the Stroud District where over 80% of out commuting is by car
• increase rail use in our area, which is currently less than half the national average.
• serve a densely populated area with a concentration of employment
• have excellent access by road, cycle route and footpaths
• link visitors to the attractions of the Stroud Valleys, the Cotswold Canal and Cotswold Way.

Stonehouse Town Council and Railfuture made a bid sponsored by Siobhan Baillie, MP, to the government’s Restoring Your Railway Fund. The Department for Transport have assessed the proposal as having potential benefits and will work to progress the proposal.

We would be grateful if you could sign the Stroudwater station petition for the county council to  include Stroudwater Station as a priority project in the Local Transport Plan.