The Town Council has adopted two phone boxes from BT, one on Gloucester Road and the other at Haven Avenue. BT have removed the payphones.

A member of Stonehouse In Bloom has offered to convert the Gloucester Road phone box into a mini garden, with plants and gardening tips on display.

We are looking for ideas for the phone box at Haven Avenue.

Please send us your ideas by 24th July 2020. To complete the survey either:

click here to complete the on line Phone box survey
or send the Word document Phone box survey July 2020 to

You can also e-mail your ideas to

Former BT phone boxes have been given many uses: to house defibrillators, book exchanges, for plants, art displays and local history information. We would also like to hear from any groups able to help look after the phone box in the future; the Town Council will maintain the boxes but we would like help managing the contents.

Play Gloucestershire working with All Pulling Together have plans for a phone box they adopted on Severn Road.