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Stonehouse Community Arboretum

The Stonehouse Community Arboretum includes all of the trees on public and private land, in the urban and rural parts of Stonehouse. Ultimately its intention is to create a diverse collection of trees, responsibly and sustainably planted and cared for, which will deliver a wide range of benefits to the Stonehouse community and encourage people to visit the town. It is there for everyone – for current and future generations.

 The Stonehouse Community Arboretum Management Plan sets out the way in which Stonehouse Town Council will care for its trees, and invites other landowners to take the same approach. It was written with input from arboricultural professionals around the world and was subject to public consultation, before being adopted by the Town Council in September 2021 and launched in October 2021.

Stonehouse Community Arboretum is receiving national attention. Stonehouse now features in three national/international best practice documents, including one produced by the UK government.

Stonehouse has recently been mentioned in the new Trees & Design Action Group (TDAG) document Trees, Planning and Development: A Guide for Delivery, which was published last week. Attached is the relevant section (p13), and the whole document can be downloaded here:
Previously,  the  Arboretum Management Plan has  been mentioned as best practice in the recent document from the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Tree Council, A trees and woodlands strategy toolkit for local authorities (available here:

Stonehouse has also been included as a case study in the new London Tree Officers Association/Arboricultural Association publication Sustainable water management: Trees are part of the solution, which will be launched in the next couple of weeks.

 In addition, John Parker from the Stonehouse-based Arboricultural Association, has featured the Stonehouse Project in presentations around the world, which this year included a couple of talks he delivered in Ukraine, where there was a lot of interest.


Innovative Trees & Woodland Strategy Toolkit

Innovative Trees & Woodland Toolkit launched to maximise benefits of trees and woodlands in communities across England 

An innovative Trees and Woodland Strategy Toolkit, developed in collaboration with Stonehouse Town Council, was launched to empower Local Authorities to create their own strategies and action plans for trees, to build resilient treescapes across the country. 

The Toolkit will help Local Authorities plan how they can meet net-zero targets by increasing tree planting across the country, reversing the decline in nature and supporting economic growth.  

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