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Stagholt Recreation Field
Wild Space

Images above for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the actual space or plans for it.

Consultation on Improvements to Stagholt Recreation Field

Stonehouse Town Council would like to improve Stagholt Recreation Field for the community. Due to drainage issues, it has never been suitable for use as a sports field; we are seeking your views on our proposal. The Allotments Association has gone from strength to strength in recent times and we now have a waiting list for plots which reflects the popularity of Allotment keeping. The Town Council have a legal obligation to provide allotments and would like to encourage this trend, as it is both healthy and good for the environment. Stonehouse Town Council has consulted with the Allotments Association and identified the need for additional allotment plots, which we propose to put on a small portion of the existing disused Stagholt Recreation Field.

The Town Council has a vision to create a natural, wild space area at Stagholt Recreation Field accessible to all. The Council would like to encourage wildlife and biodiversity, so the area could include features such as a wetland habitat, a community orchard, tree planting, naturalistic play features and areas for quiet contemplation. The area would be accessible for all members of the community including those requiring wheelchair access, dog walkers, families and those seeking a peaceful area to walk or sit.

Please see below for an artist’s impression of what we would like to achieve on the site. The plan incorporates the features described above.